Your Hosts

As your Hosts - Peter Mackenzie and Terri Macdonald, we have taken over as house management, and the inner running's of the Lodge, as a pair of young, hard-working, and enthusiastic individuals with a drive to welcome all who wish to come and enjoy Glencanisp Lodge and the surrounding estate land, we would love to make this place thrive more than its already has!

We cant forget our Beautiful Border Collie, Brodie! He is a very friendly wee pup and loves when other dogs come to stay!


Our Vision

Personally, we want to ensure we provide high quality accommodation, mouth watering breakfasts, and warm, welcoming hosting. we aspire to keep up and improve the already excellent reputation that Sam and Rachael have built over the past few years.

Sam and Rachael Hawkins ( the previous managers ) have left us to peruse a new, very exciting chapter of their lives. The two of us have been working very closely with this amazing couple to get to where we are now and definitely wouldn’t have made it here without them! We will continue to work with them in the future so will definitely be keeping you all updated with their future plans as well as our own of course!

Working with the Board of the Assynt Foundation, We plan to improve the facilities for visiting walkers, campers, artists, sport enthusiasts and the public at large. We will establish an events programme, using the Pole Barn, Arts Studio, and surrounding areas. Evidently, this will be linked to the delivery of the hydro schemes, and the income from these will enable us to inwardly invest to the highest standard.

Ownership has always been the easy bit. Responsible management is a really important duty that the Board of the Assynt Foundation take very seriously. The first ten years have been hard ones, but we must not underestimate what has been achieved. We can also be justifiably excited at the numerous projects and challenges that lie ahead.
Now, We really can see a sustainable and self- funding Estate within our grasp. Achieving this goal will act as an example for other communities to follow.